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On Methods Versus Aims

Reading Daisy Christodoulou’s preview of her recent book, Seven Myths About Education, I was especially struck by Myth 6- that projects and activities are the best way to learn. This quote resonated with me in particular: Our aim should be for pupils to … Continue reading

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Do You Really Need to Know Facts?

Heard this before? “Students in the 21st century don’t need to memorize facts. They can always just look it up online.” There’s a good chance you have strong feelings about this statement. But I’d argue what’s crucial is which facts we’re … Continue reading

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When is “Surface-Level” Knowledge Good Enough?

Frequently we hear about the importance of having a “deeper” understanding of ideas and concepts. By this, people usually mean an understanding that goes beyond simple memorization of facts, including the ability to apply their understanding to (appropriate) new contexts. … Continue reading

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The Return of Ability Grouping

After years on the educational “blacklist” it appears that ability grouping has returned with force, possibly as a direct consequence of NCLB. Ability grouping is the practice of having students work with students who have similar “ability,” as determined by … Continue reading

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Does K-12 education need the equivalent of credit scoring?

In their book Seeing What’s Next, Clayton Christensen and his co-authors describe how the invention of credit scoring allowed the financial industry to quickly and easily determine who should get loans. Before credit scoring, banks had to trust the expert  opinion … Continue reading

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“Replacement level” in education

There is a statistic used to evaluate baseball players called WAR- wins above replacement. The statistic is based on the theory that everything a baseball player does on the field contributes in some way to helping or hurting his team’s chances … Continue reading

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