Top picks for SxSWEdu

I’m looking forward to attending SxSWEDu for the first time this year. Here are some of the sessions I’m most excited about, along with my brief rationale of why I believe they’ll be worthwhile:

Monday, 3 PM: Personalized Learning Systems – Worthy of the Hype?– Personalized learning is getting a lot of buzz these days, but I think it’s accurate to say that it has yet to show the potential promised by its advocates. It’ll be interesting to see what these panelists have to say.

Monday, 4:30 PM: Breaking the Mold: New Models for Learning (K-20)– Sounds like an fascinating look into what more and more schools and teachers will be doing to revolutionize education over the next few years.

Tuesday, 10:30 AM: A Lord, a Lady and a Deputy Walk into a…– Featuring education blogger Audrey Watters of Hack Education along with Richard Culatta of the U.S. Department of Education’s ed tech office… looking forward to this one on the theory that with a strong lineup of panelists, something interesting will certainly be said.

Tuesday, 3 PM: Not Another Zombie Idea: Customizable, Open Digital Content Transforming Learning– Open content is another idea getting a lot of hype these days, and I’m curious to see if it really does have major potential.

Tuesday, 5:30 PM: Digital Content Meet Up hosted by Compass– A little plug for the company I work for… for those interesting in digital content or personalized learning, should be a fun time!

Wednesday, 9 AM: LRMI: Peek Under the Hood of Personalized Learning– For those of you curious about the various data sharing/content tagging initiatives underway, this looks like a session that will shed some light on that tangle of acronyms (LRMI/SLC/SLI).

Wednesday, 12 PM: From Legacy to Uncertainty: The Digital Future of Major “Textbook” Publishers– I’ve enjoyed Frank Catalano’s writing on education technology at EdSurge and elsewhere, and it should be interesting to see what representatives from the major publishers are thinking about the sea change underway to digital content.

Thursday, 9 AM: Big Dreams, Big Data: Putting EduAnalytics to Work– Yet another hot topic… big data. It would be nice to see a useful model for making sense of student data to actually help students.

Thursday, 10:30 AM: Bill Gates Keynote– no matter where you’re coming from, if you’ve got a chance to see Bill Gates speak…

I’m sure I’ve missed some great sessions. Please let me know what else should be on this list!

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